About Home Based Franchise Group

We are committed to helping people start amazing home-based franchise businesses

Home Based Franchise Group, franchisors of Dryer Vent Squad, Frost Shades Window Tinting, Magnetainment Event Photo Magnets, The Turf Boys, and Clozetivity is the culmination of the life work of three seasoned franchise industry pros: Leo Goldberger, Thomas Scott, and Curt Swanson. Both have spent decades in the franchise industry, growing franchise systems, helping franchisors, and working with thousands of individual franchise owners to grow and become prosperous.

Our Mission

We believe franchise ownership is the best way for you to participate in the economy at your full market value. When you have a job, you abdicate what happens to you to someone else and you become trapped in someone else’s plan. We believe in helping people start and grow amazing low-cost franchises that give you the flexibility to achieve your dreams.

Our Goals

We think there’s a problem in the franchise industry when the average franchise opportunity is priced too high and is too far out of reach for the vast majority of potential franchise owners. Anyone should be able to start a business. For someone who hasn’t been a business owner, there needs to be an entry-level business to start and grow. Our main goal is to bring an entirely new generation of franchise owners into franchising affordably and grow the size of the franchise industry as a result.

home based franchise group founders

Meet our Team

home based franchise group leo CEOLeo Goldberger – Founder and CEO

Leo is well known for starting Inspection Boys and The Patch Boys prior to starting Home Based Franchise Group. He has helped hundreds of franchise owners prosper and grow entry-level businesses into successful enterprises. “I love niche businesses that focus on providing a service that everyone needs,” Leo says. “I don’t want a business that does 100 different things. It’s far easier to master a simple business, and the consumer has far more trust in a business that specializes in one thing. With Home Based Franchise Group, these are businesses that don’t cost very much to get started, and it doesn’t cost much to continue to operate and grow. There’s very little overhead, which is the most common reason why people go out of business. With our franchises, you can own a simple business and scale it up to be incredibly successful.”

home based franchise group thomas COOThomas Scott – Founder and COO

Thomas has been in franchising for more than two decades. He started out as a multi-unit franchisee then became a franchisor, growing Showhomes Home Staging to 100 locations in the early 2000s. He then started Brand Journalists, a franchise development agency that has helped over 280 franchise systems and over 10,000 people to become franchise owners. He has been a multi-unit operator with top sales in each system in three different franchise brands. Thomas uses his experience as a marketer and franchise operations professional to grow successful franchise systems that are focused on franchisee profitability and strong, positive franchise relationships.

home based franchise group curt CXOCurt Swanson –  Founder and CXO

Curt has 5+ years of experience in franchising as he was a co-founder and COO of The Patch Boys from 2015 until June 2020. He also has a diverse background in business coaching, allowing him to motivate and assist franchise owners with all aspects of a business to achieve their goals.




Kayla Ryan

Kayla Ryan – Brand President, Magnetainment

Kayla is a charismatic entrepreneur who has been active in franchising since she was in high school. She has worked as a content strategist for Brand Journalists, helping major brands like SONIC, Wienerschnitzel, Charleys Cheesesteaks, and Bad Ass Coffee grow during her tenure at the Nashville agency. She is passionate about helping young, Generation Z entrepreneurs get started as business owners.



Andrea de Leon

Andrea de Leon – Franchise Support Admin

Andrea works out of the Nashville office. She helps with overall franchise support, franchise administrative tasks, and operates a Magnetainment franchise in Nashville, TN.



Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy – Franchise Recruiter

Based in Nashville, TN, Tom is passionate about helping people start businesses. Tom has had a career as an ice hockey player and coach and loves franchising.



kendell McGowenKendell McGowen – Franchise Recruiter

Kendell is based in Edmond, OK, and has years of experience in the franchising industry. He has helped several brands grow through his positions within franchise development and management.



chris woodall

Chris Woodall – Technical and Mechanical Support

Chris has a thorough background working in HVAC for most of his career. He is based in Nashville, TN, and he focuses on ensuring all franchise owners are well-equipped and ready for success. Not only does Chris provide around-the-clock support, but he also operates a Frost Shades franchise in the Franklin, TN area.

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