Frost Shades, the company dedicated to keeping your home healthy, private, and safe, continues its growth across the nation

(Nashville, TN – MARCH 22, 2022) Frost Shades continues its spectacular growth across the nation by announcing the opening of TWO new territories in the Keystone state, as local entrepreneur Joseph Becker secured these 2 highly sought-after territories and will soon launch Frost shades of Eastern PA.

Frost Shades is part of the “Home Based Franchise Group” network and is one of the hottest home-based franchise offerings across the nation. We are America’s FIRST AND MOST-TRUSTED Flat window film franchise company and we have paved the way for this new in-demand product and service.

“I had the opportunity to meet Joseph in my office for discovery day, and I instantly knew that he will make a great franchise owner”, said Leo Goldberger, Co-Founder and CEO. “Joseph is a young man with bundles of energy, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit and he has that fire in his eyes you like to see from a young franchise owner.  I have no doubt in my mind that he will be an amazing owner and will be very successful”.

Frost Shades provides a service that is very much needed in the residential and commercial space. Whether you need privacy, protection against UV rays, security against break-ins, glare control, or want to find a way to make your home more environmentally friendly while saving money – Frost Shades window films are the way to go. As the local experts in high-performance window films and frosting, we specialize in delivering custom, affordable, and beautiful solutions to home and business owners.

“Being part of a franchise consulting company, I had the opportunity to review many different franchise opportunities, but once I learned about Frost Shades, I instantly connected with it and fell in love with the brand,” said Joseph Becker, Proud new owner of Frost Shades of Eastern PA.  “There is so many moving parts to this great business, so many ways to service people and yet it is a home-based low-overhead concept that’s easy to run and very scalable. I am excited for what’s to come”.

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For in-depth details about the Frost Shades franchise opportunity, download our Franchise Information Report. You can also learn more by visiting our website.

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