Frost Shades, the company dedicated to keeping your home healthy, private, and safe, and AMERICA’s FIRST AND MOST-TRUSTED flat window window tinting Franchise Company continues its growth across the nation

(Nashville, TN – JAN 28, 2022) Frost Shades continues its spectacular growth across the nation by awarding two new territories in Northern VA and Washington DC.

These two awesome territories were secured by Mr. Rodney McDonald and his beautiful wife Stephanie. Rodney – An Air Force Vet – and Stephanie, are well-respected in their community and they both have the entrepreneurial spirit in them.

Frost Shades provides a service that is very much needed in the residential and commercial space. Whether you need privacy, protection against UV rays, security against break-ins, glare control, or want to find a way to make your home more environmentally friendly, while saving money – Frost Shades window films is the way to go. As the local experts in high-performance window films and frosting, we specialize in delivering custom, affordable, and beautiful solutions to home and business owners.

“Awarding territories to veterans is always an easy decision for me, but this one was even easier”, said Leo Goldberger, Co-Founder and CEO. “Rodney has that drive what you would expect from a vet, but even more, he has a tremendous amount of business sense, and simply just gets it. Stephanie and Rodney are the perfect example of what kind of owners we’re looking for and they continue the trend we have seen across our brands with so many husband-and-wife teams working together towards financial freedom”.

“After extensive research, talking to other owners and speaking with the corporate staff, this was a very easy decision for me”, says Rodney McDonald. “We are very well positioned to create awareness, promote the product and its benefits and I’m very eager to get going”.

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