Dryer Vent Squad Franchise Surges Past 2020 Expansion Goals

Upstart Dryer Vent Squad Franchise Rapidly Growing

Dryer Vent Squad, a Home Based Franchise Group home service business doubled its 2020 expansion goals. Surging interest in low-cost home service franchise opportunities matched with high numbers of laid-off and furloughed corporate workers contributed to the fast growth of this popular brand.

“When Covid-19 hit, we didn’t expect to add many units. We planned on adding 4-6 units by the end of 2020,” said Founder and CEO Leo Goldberger. “We expect to end the year with 15 new units, almost three times our goal.”

Dryer Vent Squad Franchise van

As Americans spent record amounts of time at home this year, they developed new expectations of home safety and cleanliness.  Dryer vents are the leading cause of home fires and are often the least maintained item in a home. Beyond contributing to a major safety issue, homeowners are concerned about mold and mildew along with wanting cleaner air to breathe inside. Properly cleaning dryer vents helps with these goals.

At the same time, new entrepreneurs are seeking lower investment franchises in the home service sector. Dryer Vent Squad costs less than $50,000 to start, making it one of the most affordable growing opportunities.

“Just because it is affordable doesn’t mean it isn’t a powerhouse franchise to own,” said Goldberger. ” Our new franchisees this year have all hit the ground running and our same-store sales are higher than we projected. Customers are seeking this service and our franchisees are signing people up.

Home Based Franchise Group, which also franchises Frost Shades Window Films and Magnetainment Event Photo Magnets expects to add an additional 30 locations in 2021 and could have as many as 50 new locations open by the end of next year. For more information on Dryer Vent Squad franchise or any of the HBFG franchises, check us out online and contact us for more.

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